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Our Team

You will be meeting one of the most experienced team of Gujarat. The management of the company and team of professionals are full of passion, compassion, talent and skillset.

Bhautik Sheth


Shruti Sheth


Isha Modi

Client Head

Manisha Srivastava

Training Head

Our Trainers

  1. Don’t worry, you will be in the safe hands! Get mastery of digital marketing strategies, techniques, tools and execution from our master team of in-house trainers and Guest trainers. Every trainer is a practitioner and hence they have the latest updates and knowledge of their respective field of study.

Bhautik Sheth

Chief Trainer and Mentor

Divya Mistry

Trainer - SEO and WordPress

Reshma Rohida

Manager – Social Media and Creative

Siddhi Jain

Trainer - Social Media Marketing

Isha Modi

Trainer - Digital Strategies

Manisha Srivastava

Asst.Trainer-HTML & SEO and Coordinator-Internship

Our Guest Trainers


Brijesh Soni

Trainer - Affiliate Marketing

Dhara Upadhyay

Trainer- Interview Skills

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